Veteran-Made Docuseries ‘Honor Guard’ Debuts This Christmas

Veteran-Made Docuseries ‘Honor Guard’ Debuts This Christmas

LOS ANGELES – Two U.S. Army Veterans plan to release a four-part, Sam Elliott narrated, military docuseries on Christmas Day, 2020. Show creators Ethan Morse and Neal Schrodetzki of Time To Kill Productions are planning to debut their new series “Honor Guard,” online digitally December 25th through Amazon. The series will arrive on more than 50 other streaming services throughout 2021.


The four-part docuseries took more than three years to complete, and showcases four unique specialty platoons of the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment in Washington D.C., where the two men served together nearly two decades ago. Neal and Ethan were ecstatic to have Hollywood legend, Sam Elliott, as the narrator for the series. Morse recalls, “Working with an icon like Mr. Elliott was surreal. I grew up watching his movies, and I had just viewed “A Star Is Born” a few days before meeting him for the first time in the recording studio. It was like a dream come true.”

Neal received exclusive access to film their former unit, the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment, after releasing an award winning documentary called “The Unknowns” in 2016. Schrodetzki stated: “The amount of history and honor on display in the 3rd Infantry Regiment is difficult to encapsulate in a four-hour docuseries, but its a story we want to share with the world.”

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Ethan Morse, Producer – Neal Schrodetzki, Director – Jane Owen, Publicist (714) 686-8044

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