English Settlers Were ‘Great With the Indians’ Says Film Producer of ‘The Pilgrims’

English Settlers Were ‘Great With the Indians’ Says Film Producer of ‘The Pilgrims’

The English settlers who came to North America on the Mayflower in 1620 faced many hardships but believed that religious freedom and liberty were worth dying for.


Their determination to start a new nation and a new form of government centered on the rule of law as well as respect and tolerance toward others has been enshrined in a new documentary titled The Pilgrims.

CBN News spoke with Jerry Newcombe, the film’s producer, who explained the documentary goes far beyond what’s taught in history books at school.

“I think, unfortunately, some people are calling for an abolition of Thanksgiving. I think this is a tremendous tradition … Thanksgiving is,” he explained. “And it’s not correct – some people have said – that the Pilgrims were bad to the Indians. No, the Pilgrims were great with the Indians.” – Jerry Newcombe

“It aims to tell the true story, all the difficulties that they faced. What we did was rely heavily on original resources and research so we made sure we were totally accurate in what we told,” Newcombe said. “And a lot of amazing things about the Pilgrims.”

He said some of the most surprising facts about the early settlers were the historical details they uncovered while conducting their research for the documentary.

“I think that 95 percent of the Indians in the area where they settled had been wiped out in a plague three years before the voyage of the Mayflower,” he noted. “And in the providence of God, they came there and were not wiped out by unfriendly Indians. Instead, they were able to meet friendly Indians, and together they made a treaty of peace. Together they enjoyed fellowship as they celebrated the first Thanksgiving.”


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