Kelly Wright ‘Stumbled Upon’ People of Faith Making a Big Sound at Lincoln Memorial

Kelly Wright ‘Stumbled Upon’ People of Faith Making a Big Sound at Lincoln Memorial

Award-winning journalist Kelly Wright said he stumbled upon a small band of people of faith “making a big sound” while taking a walk at the Lincoln Memorial on the ninth day of protests in Washington DC related to the death of George Loyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.

His Kelly Wright Show live stream video appearing on Facebook that can also be viewed below, gives a different response to the current national crisis than what much of the world has focused on.

Wright’s incredible insight on the short video comes after a woman gives a powerful speech and prayer on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

“I came here to take a walk and stumbled upon this wonderful event going on here at the base of the Lincoln Memorial,” Wright said. “I’m moved by the fact that people of faith, just a small band of people of faith are making a big sound for the Lord.”

This is a time that we should reflect on what God is calling us to do as a nation, as individuals,and as people, he said.

“We must come together at the seat, at the table of brotherhood, and really declare as these faithful few are saying to the many, ‘How great is our God, King of all kings, Lord of all lords.’ He’s the King over all presidents. He’s the Lord over dictators. He’s the Lord of our lives and we will humble ourselves and seek His face, turn from our sins and our wicked ways, and ask Him for forgiveness, from Heaven He will hear our prayer, forgive our sins, and heal our land (2 Chronciles 7:14).”


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