Calling 1 Million People to Fast and Pray in January 2024

Calling 1 Million People to Fast and Pray in January 2024

Today, Christian leaders and ministries throughout the United States are supporting a call to fast, pray and worship January 8-28, 2024. The crisis in Israel, the political unrest in America, and the sense of darkness attempting to destroy the Church is awakening many to loving Jesus being the only answer for the hour we find ourselves in.

Roaring Twenties Fast: Revival of First Love

Over the past year, extraordinary outpourings of the Spirit happened in the U.S. and around the world. From the Asbury Awakening, the release of Jesus Revolution and Domino Revival in theaters, thousands of baptisms at Pirates Cove in California, and the movement of revival at Free Chapel with Pastor Jentezen Franklin, it appears that hunger for a movement of God is at an all-time level.

Many leaders sense a growing emphasis on returning to a first love for Jesus as the evident moving of the Holy Spirit among Gen Z. This first love for Jesus seems to be the commonality among what the Spirit is emphasizing right NOW in His Church, Dr. Malachi O’Brien states.

The annual Roaring Twenties Fast which began in 2020 is not about personalities but rather about a nameless and faceless generation seeking consecration over celebrity. Roaring Twenties Fast intends to share digitally the stories and content of leaders who are leading others to fast and pray. Leaders like Vlad Savchuk, Jentezen Franklin, Shane Idleman and many others.

“The call for one million young people to fast and pray is historic but must not be about any one church, leader, organization or denomination but rather a collective of believers — young and old — who sense that God is about to do something historic in the roaring twenties,” O’Brien said. “I want to see those stories shared and see a new generation marked by the same hunger and passion of great spiritual leaders of the past.”

Will you join us in fasting, and invite people in your church or community to fast with us by posting on social media, publicly inviting your church or directly messaging lots of people to join us?

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Revelation 2:4-5: “But I have this complaint against you. You don’t love me or each other as you did at first. Look how far you have fallen! Turn back to me and do the works you did at first.”

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