Can Revival Be Intentional? The Case for ‘Revival On The Border’

Can Revival Be Intentional? The Case for ‘Revival On The Border’

Skeptics abound when it comes to whether revival is present in the world today or not.


Definitions of revival are a plenty. Mostly, the definitions come when someone is trying to discount a move of God.

Can revival be an intentional act by a human being? Let me ask you this: If someone plans to have a revival, where did he or she get that plan? Who gave them that plan? Could it be that the “planner” of a revival was given the word to “plan” (let’s say a tent revival) from God Himself?

My wife and I were at last week’s opening “tour” night of REVIVAL ON THE BORDER… in El Paso, Texas… and two more nights and a Sunday morning service at Cornerstone Church, also in El Paso, which co-hosted the tent revival with Pentecostal preacher Tony Suarez and Revivalmakers.

We saw followers of Jesus Christ and those who became followers of Him extremely passionate about loving God first, loving others, and asking Him for His will regarding the border and the issues of immigration into this country.

‘Revival On the Border’ Movement Growing [UPDATES]

Let it be understood, that when it comes to looking at ALL the issues in the world today, it’s about God and His plan, not about our plans, not about the government’s plans, and certainly not about man-made plans.

Did we see revival in El Paso and at the border with Mexico?

Yes, in our own hearts and in the hearts of others we saw a revival…this time, in El Paso!

Revival is not coming … Revival is here! – Tony Suarez, Revivalmakers



‘Revival on the Border’ Outreach Begins: Only Answer to Our Southern Border is Jesus

Evangelist Tony Suarez wants to make it clear that Revival on the Border, which is a series of outreach events held in a tent and planned for Texas cities near the U.S./Mexico border this week and next, are not about finding a political or man-made solution to the nation’s immigration policy.

“The only answer to the issues plaguing our southern border is Jesus,” Suarez told Think Eternity News. “For the last 40 years, our elected officials campaigned on the issue of border security, immigration control, and immigration reform. And then, once they’re elected, they do absolutely nothing about the issue.”

“So, while we continue to put our hope in them to do something that they haven’t done, the church has to be reawakened. Our hope is not in man. It’s not in a man-made government. It has to be in God.”


Revival On The Border Movement Includes a 5-Man ‘Prayer Army’

A group of five men say they are following orders from the God of the Bible, to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18), while driving 1,254 miles alongside the border between Texas and Mexico in conjunction with tent revival services that began in El Paso last Thursday (3/21).

In his social media post shared on Monday, Pentecostal preacher Tony Suarez called the team a “prayer army” that is speaking the name of Jesus “over every mile of the southern border” and are intercessors that are “praying in the spirit over every mile.”



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