Homeschooling Ministry Partners With Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point Academy

Homeschooling Ministry Partners With Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point Academy

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA — Harbour Cove Prep (HCP) is a new ministry of Calvary Chapel of the Harbour (CCOTH) located at the Huntington Bay Club. Launched in June, 2022, as a homeschool support ministry, HCP has partnered with Charlie Kirk, of Turning Point USA, and his latest project, Turning Point Academy. The goal of Turning Point Academy is to revolutionize K-12 schools and ministries by focusing on raising a generation of courageous, spirit filled, patriotic, principled leaders ready to impact their community and country.


Harbour Cove Prep and Turning Point Academy both seek to bring Biblical truths in a Classical learning model to children so they may develop a strong Christian worldview to combat the “woke” agenda. By believing that all persons are created equal, both organizations seek to develop leaders using historically accurate U.S. History. Turning Point Academy will provide our HCP program with history curricula developed by William Federer of American Minute broadcast. Along with training of HCP ministry leaders, children in the HCP program will have access to Turning Point Academy content and expertise regarding current issues facing our children and families today.

“We are excited to partner with Turning Point Academy to provide accurate historical information and real time support for issues that face our students, families, and teachers,” HCP Director Beverly Voechting said. “Harbour Cove Prep will be ready to support its families and students this fall. Registration is now available on our website.”

Harbour Cove Prep, as a homeschool support ministry, is designed to equip our families to homeschool and to support their child’s education, along with protecting their hearts and their minds. Harbor Cove is a proficiently designed program for children aged Kindergarten through 12th grades whereby they may excel through applying a solid Biblical worldview. There are a variety of programs that meet the needs of both new and veteran homeschool families. Check out HCP’s website, for more information.

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