Baptize America Event Up Next After ‘God Lit a Match’ in California

Baptize America Event Up Next After ‘God Lit a Match’ in California

On the heels of an epic worship and baptism event held over the weekend in Huntington Beach and in sync with other locations across the Golden State, organizers of Baptize California announced plans for Baptize America on Pentecost Sunday 2025.


CBN News reported that over the two-day event (May 18-19) in California, a total of more than 12,000 people were baptized in Huntington Beach and in churches across the state. Baptize California is reported to be the nation’s largest-ever baptism.

“You can smell another Great Awakening in the air like rain before it hits,” Pastor Mark Francey, who founded the event, told CBN News on Monday. “God lit a match yesterday! If God can do this in the church in California, it can — and it will — happen in the rest of America!”

In a video Instagram post announcing Baptize America, organizers state that next year’s event is aimed at unifying “the body of Christ for one day of synchronized baptisms sweeping through the entire nation!”

Youth pastor R.J. McCauley told Think Eternity that thousands of people were registered with Baptize California before the event which was organized by Oceans Church.

“Baptize California was an amazing follow-up to last year‘s event called Baptize SoCal,” McCauley said. “This year, hundreds of churches across the state participated in a massive, synchronized baptism service on Pentecost Sunday, and thousands of people registered to be baptized outdoors at a flagship event in Huntington Beach.”

He said that the sheer number of people getting baptized was impressive. “It made you think of the Day of Pentecost when thousands came to faith and were baptized (Acts 2:37-41). Everyone had a renewed faith and energized spirit seeing people worship, pray, and get baptized.”

At the weekend event, McCauIey joined other pastors close to the water where ministry, pre-counseling and baptisms took place. “People were celebrating, crying, and comforting one another. People were praying together, taking family photos, and serving one another as they got baptized,” he said.

“As people were getting baptized, the main stage played worship for 5 hours each day. You could hear it in the background and sing along from anywhere on the beach.”

He said It was an honor to volunteer, lead people to get baptized and witness church history. “People from every kind of background were coming to profess Jesus as Lord through the waters of baptism.”

McCauley looks forward to Baptize America. “We will be calling all churches to host a baptism service on that day to reach the lost and proclaim Jesus is Lord over our entire nation. That is going to be a powerful day.”

Think Eternity founder Matt Brown said he was thrilled with the response to Baptize California.

“God just keeps doing more than He did before,” Brown said. “So many hearts are hungry for God and desirous to walk out a true and committed faith because the emptiness within our society has never been more clear.”

He said the increase in baptisms and baptism events occurring nationwide appears to be a move of God.

“I encourage churches and ministries everywhere to clearly preach the gospel and call for wholehearted discipleship and the faith commitment of baptism in water as it seems to be a significant drawing the Lord is doing these days, Brown said. “Whether you baptize one person in water, or a few, or hundreds, God will be glorified and your community will have a chance to hear the testimonies and commitment of a believer in Jesus.”


Alex Murashko is a journalist and writing team leader for Think Eternity News, which is a section of Think Eternity, a site for powerful faith content to help you live the fulfilled life in Jesus. Murashko is also founder of Media on Mission.

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