Sean Feucht Celebrates 4-Year Anniversary of ‘Let Us Worship’ Tour with Release of Epic Video [WATCH]

Sean Feucht Celebrates 4-Year Anniversary of ‘Let Us Worship’ Tour with Release of Epic Video [WATCH]

Worship leader Sean Feucht celebrated the 4-year anniversary of the Let Us Worship tour on Friday (6/14/24) by releasing a video which offers an “epic recap” of the 250-plus cities in which millions gathered and hundreds of thousands surrendered to Jesus, he states on social media.


Feucht, who began the tour on the Golden State bridge in 2020 during a time when many government mandates were issued including a mandate to stop worshippers from singing inside churches, was called “Jesus Christ, Superspreader,” not only by Rolling Stone Magazine but also by protesters from Skid Row, Los Angeles, to New York, New York, during his nationwide tour. Government health officials claimed the pandemic virus was passed around at an increased intensity through “airborne transmission” during the act of singing.

Among the many names he has been called, he has also been referred to as a “Christian Nationalist” by mostly liberal media. However, the outreach events focus on altar calls that include surrender of sins and professions of faith in Jesus Christ.

“I came to Washington DC in 2020, this moment led me to search for Jesus,” a YouTube viewer posted in the comments section. “I felt something there I had never felt. Recently gave my life to Jesus and I think back to that moment in DC and how it changed my life. In such a dark time, the Lord used you [Feucht] to bring His light and love to this country!”

Another viewer commented, “We stand united and put on the full armor of God and pray for the lost people to wake up and return and reach out to the Heavenly Father and repent. Amen.”

“I am in tears watching this remembering the 7 Let Us Worship events I’ve gone to,” yet another commentator posted. “My son and I got baptized in Portland during the cities darkest time. Every event was so powerful and encouraging. I will never forget the first one in 2020 in Portland and seeing a crowd of unmasked faces for the first time in months and worshipping with fellow believers with such Joy.”

As our country has fallen deeper into darkness, it is not the time to quibble about approach to the gospel, approach to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or theological pedigree. This is about standing for Jesus in a public outcry when too many others stay silent. Be obedient to Him, not the spirit of fear.

Featured photo: Sean Feucht Facebook Page

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