Film ‘Superspreader’ Chronicles Sean Feucht’s ‘Let Us Worship’ Tour – SNEAK PEEK

Film ‘Superspreader’ Chronicles Sean Feucht’s ‘Let Us Worship’ Tour – SNEAK PEEK

Not only did Rolling Stone Magazine call Sean Feucht “Jesus Christ, Superspreader,” but also, protesters did from Skid Row, Los Angeles, to New York, New York, during his nationwide “Let Us Worship” tour the last two years.


The tour kicked off during a time when many government mandates were issued including a mandate to stop worshippers from singing inside churches. Officials claimed the pandemic virus was passed around at an increased intensity through the “airborne transmission” of the act of singing.

Feucht, who leads “Let Us Worship” did not wear a mask on stage during the tour before tens of thousands of concert event goers. Neither did 99.9% of all the crowds combined.

Now comes the documentary, “Superspreader” about the “Let Us Worship” tour in what I describe as a movement of song and music that broke ground like a jack hammer on asphalt. All that has come since in terms of followers of Jesus going pubic with their faith during a heightened state of spiritual warfare can be attributed to God and likely “Let Us Worship” in my opinion.

“The filmmakers felt that title was appropriate since Sean was spreading so much faith, hope, and love,” film promoters state.

“Superspreader” is scheduled to “be released very soon in 500 theatres around America.” Feucht stated in an email blast.

Here’s a sneak peek below.

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