Billy Hallowell Points To Lee Strobel’s Journey From Atheist to Apologist

Billy Hallowell Points To Lee Strobel’s Journey From Atheist to Apologist

Two of my favorite journalists are about as fully engaged in Good News-casting as anyone can get.

Commentator and digital TV host Billy Hallowell is one of them. The other, although known more for being an author, apologist, and evangelist, began his journey from atheist to Christian as an investigative reporter and legal editor for the Chicago Tribune. You don’t lose that. It’s part of your DNA.

The good news here is that both are a part of this post. Hallowell writes about how we can learn about Strobel’s journey at

Media on Mission will have more about and from Hallowell and Strobel as our journey continues.

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Atheist-Turned-Apologist Lee Strobel’s Journey Will Inspire You


Famed journalist-turned-author Lee Strobel has captivated secular and faith audiences, alike, with his personal story of undergoing a stunning transformation from atheism to Christianity.

For those who don’t know Strobel’s story, he was once the legal affairs editor for the Chicago Tribune before embarking on a journey to try and disprove Christianity.

That quest ironically ended with Strobel embracing the Christian faith, writing bestselling books about Jesus and diving headfirst into the world of Christian apologetics.

Now, you can watch Strobel explain his journey through three documentaries that are currently streaming on


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