Fox News Reporter’s Favorite Stories Are #GoodNews Kind

Fox News Reporter’s Favorite Stories Are #GoodNews Kind

In addition to inside stories on journalists and media type who track and report on God’s movement on earth, Media on Mission will be pointing to stories that show their work.

Here’s a story from someone I admire a lot and look forward to interviewing soon.

Caleb Parke is a FoxNews associate editor and reporter who covers faith and values, and says his “favorite stories are #GoodNews.”

Pastor Bill Johnson on the recipe for revival, how Bethel Church exploded onto the global scene


“In Redding, as it is in heaven.”

That’s how a San Francisco Chronicle columnist described a northern California city that is home to Bethel Church, a ministry that has drawn attention in Christian circles around the world.

To senior lead pastor Bill Johnson, it’s still a mystery how this church born and raised in a seemingly insignificant, unknown area in the mountains has managed to have such a global impact.

When he took over in 1996, his message was revival — and that hasn’t changed, as was evident during recent a “Cultivate Revival” conference in New York City.


PHOTO: Bethel Music

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