Is God Real?

Is God Real?

Let’s face it: the question of whether God is real resonates deeply inside all of us. Who doesn’t want to know where we come from and where we’re going after we die? Staring into the darkness in the middle of the night, we tend to wonder about the purpose of life.


Are we accidents of nature, destined to flourish for a brief moment and then wither and decay forever? Or are we the creation of a beneficent God who loves us and imbues meaning into our existence? Is there really hope after the grave, or is that merely wishful thinking from the only species that is able to recognize the horror of its inevitable demise?

From time to time, we feel an innate longing for God—which might actually be evidence that he’s real. “One argument for God’s existence regards the aching absence of God in human experience,” said philosopher Douglas Groothuis. “There is, on the one hand, the pained longing for the transcendent and, on the other, the sense of the inadequacy of merely earthly goods to satisfy that longing…. We all experience a deep sense of yearning or longing for something that the present natural world cannot fulfill—something transcendently glorious.”

Are you open to the idea of evaluating the evidence and coming to an informed conclusion about whether God is real?


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