Tucker Carlson: Babylon Bee Provides Prophetic Accuracy

Tucker Carlson: Babylon Bee Provides Prophetic Accuracy

The Babylon Bee and its owner Seth Dillon are called prophetic by news giant Tucker Carlson as seen in an interview on video released recently on Carlson’s X site.

“We’re not talking to you here today as the proprietor of America’s premier humor site but as a prophet,” Carlson said. “It turns out that the Babylon Bee’s parody stories have come true in dozens, scores really, nearly a hundred cases.”

During the interview, Carlson gives three examples of Babylon Bee headlines matching headlines of (non-parody) news stories. [WATCH BELOW]

Despite the Babylon Bee’s obvious satire and parody, Dillon said fact checkers have responded to the satirical humor as though the website publication was reporting the truth directly, but incorrectly.

“Fact checking is one of the methods that’s employed by the lovers of censorship [to be] used to guard the narrative, not the truth,” Dillon told Carlson. “Fact checkers are the guardians of the narrative. They don’t like the way the narrative is being challenged so they have to shut you up.”

Dillon said that during the process of Elon Musk acquiring Twitter, Musk contacted the Babylon Bee while it was in “Twitter jail” to discuss the restriction of speech on social media.

“You should be able to tell jokes,” Musk said during the discussion, according to Dillon.

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