JERUSALEM POST [OPINION]: Media Unites at NRB to Give Different Narrative on Israel

JERUSALEM POST [OPINION]: Media Unites at NRB to Give Different Narrative on Israel

Typically, the media response to Operation Shield and Arrow was to blame Israel as the aggressor for the massive terrorist rocket attacks on the Jewish state last week. Once again, prominent global media outlets whitewashed Islamic Jihad’s extremism while creating an appalling moral equivalence with the IDF’s defensive actions.

Jerusalem Post [OPINION]

With this past week’s Nakba Day receiving more favorable coverage this year than ever before, Israel finds itself playing defense against a growing chorus of media critics. In order to go on the offensive in the battle over Israel’s narrative, my organization, Israel365, will be leading an influential delegation of Israeli leaders to the National Religious Broadcasters Conference (NRB) in Orlando, Florida, this May 22-25.

For decades, NRB has been the hub for thousands of Conservative and Christian media leaders to gather together for high-level meetings and networking. This year, NRB has partnered with Israel365 to celebrate Israel’s 75th anniversary and together we have planned a number of important events for the faith community’s leading communicators.

Defending democracy against radicalism

Media personalities Dennis Prager, Eric Metaxes and Erick Stakelback will be speaking about why America and Israel must unite to defend democracy and fight against radicalism at our “Night to Celebrate Israel.” Religious leaders Rabbi Doron Perez of World Mizrachi, Pastor Tommy Waller of HaYovel and Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference will speak about Jews and Christians, changing the world together.


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