Tens of Thousands of College Students Give Jesus Center Stage at Passion 2024

Tens of Thousands of College Students Give Jesus Center Stage at Passion 2024

A call for today’s younger generation to live for God did not fall upon deaf ears at the Passion 2024 Conference in Atlanta where 55,000 college students from 1,600 campuses attended the event recognized by leaders as a movement that gives Jesus Christ center stage.


UPDATE: 100,000 Young People ‘Ring in 2024 with Revival’
CBN reports: A genuine spiritual outpouring that began in 2023 continues at the start of the new year as tens of thousands of young people display an unwavering devotion to Jesus, packing out churches, auditoriums, and stadiums across the country to worship His Name.

Evangelist Matt Brown, founder of Think Eternity, recently shared on X that thousands of young people are “ringing in 2024” by passionately seeking God.

READ 100,000 Young People ‘Ring in 2024 with Revival’ | CBN News

At the end of the 3-day conference on Friday (1/5/24), Pastor Louie Giglio of Passion City Church and the founder of the Passion movement shared on social media:

“Passion is more than music. More than events. Passion is a generation living for His Name. Thank You God for these days. Join me in praying for the students returning to their cities, campuses, and countries today, that they would live for God and His glory.”

Pastor Zach Meerkreebs, whose sermon from inside the chapel at Asbury University was the beginning of a 16-day outpouring from God that many have described as revival, was asked at Passion 2024 to give his takeaway from what happened at the campus in Wilmore, Kentucky.

“On February 8, God’s generosity poured out on a small little college,” Meerkreebs said. “It wasn’t good preaching. That’s for sure. I texted my wife after I preached that ‘I laid a stinker’ and I would be home soon for a nap. I did not get home for a nap. For 16 days, it was God’s pouring out of His Spirit. It was unbelievable.”

Watch and listen to Meerkreebs’ interview with Brad Jones from the stage at Passion below.

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