Peter Wooding Named Assist News Senior Editor

Peter Wooding Named Assist News Senior Editor

MURRIETA, Calif. (ANS) – The leadership of Assist News has named Peter Wooding, the son of ANS founder Dan Wooding, as the new Senior Editor of the online news site dedicated to sharing about what God is doing in today’s world. Dan Wooding passed away after a long battle with cancer last month (March 18, 2020) at the age of 79.


Peter has followed in his father’s footsteps by reporting on ministries around the world. His reports have included hot spots in Sudan, the war front in Eastern Ukraine, and massive rallies in Africa with Reinhard Bonnke. Peter’s passion to share what God is doing inspired him to take over ANS.

“I have seen his example and served with him for many years. I spent five years as a YWAM missionary and traveled the world for 22 years as a journalist reporting on the persecuted church and global ministry efforts. Like my dad, I will continue the ANS vision to report on all that God is doing. I look forward to expanding the voice and impact of ANS around the globe,” Peter said.

“One of the last things my father said to me was, ‘Peter it’s the end of an era, but please carry on the work of ANS.’”


DAN WOODING PETER ASSIST NEWS Because ANS is staffed by volunteer writers, the media service is asking for your support to further the mission as it shares God’s movement and advocates for the Persecuted Church.

Media Missionary Serving the Body of Christ

Most importantly Peter worked as the news editor for UCB Radio for 11 years, one of the largest Christian radio networks in the UK and reported from countries such as India, Gambia, Israel, Russia, S Korea, Mozambique, and Dubai. In addition, Peter is also the London Bureau Chief for the Global News Alliance and PR and Media Officer for Leading The Way UK. In his spare time, he works as the UK Director for Mercy Projects. His hobby is running marathons, having completed 23 to date. He runs to support organizations like Mercy Projects. He lives in North Wales with his wife Sharon and three daughters.

NOTE: The above article was originally published at Assist News.

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