FOX 59’s Fanchon Stinger Counters Country’s Coronvirus Fear

FOX 59’s Fanchon Stinger Counters Country’s Coronvirus Fear

For news media consumers there is a fine line between simply staying informed about Coronavirus and stoking the fire of fear within oneself that’s gripped much of the nation.

Mar 16, 2020

However, there is an antidote for the fear factor brought on by COVID—19. Evening news co-anchor for FOX59 News in Indianapolis, Fanchon Stinger, is offering a good dose of encouragement by sharing Bible verses and her thoughts on her Facebook live stream video.

Fanchon Stinger Coronavirus

“We all have those feelings of ‘what’s going to happen next?’ And I wanted to share with you what I do when that happens for me,” Stinger said during her Facebook video. “At no point in my life, when I have chosen to trust God, has He ever failed.

“He promises us certain foundational things that we can hang onto, that we know are never going to change and never going to leave us,” she continued. “Nothing can separate us from His love. When we choose to invite Him into our life and to live for Him, and choose to walk with him, He promises us — life’s never going to be easy — but He will be there to get us through it.”

After a previous Facebook live stream post, many viewers said they were encouraged, Stinger said. So, she decided to post another “encouragement” video.

Stinger shares her video (below) and posts:

Starting this new way of life…together! #encouragement #coronavirus #nationaldayofprayer

Fanchon Stinger epitomizes the type of individuals and media that Media on Mission wants to highlight — those wanting to use their personal talents and storytelling gifts for the glory of God.

NEWS ANCHOR: AM I GOING TO TRUST GOD OR MYSELF? is an industry newsletter about media professionals doing good work for the glory of God. — @AlexMurashko

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