Movieguide Asks: Could This Worldwide Fast Change Hollywood?

Movieguide Asks: Could This Worldwide Fast Change Hollywood?

On the heels of a Ricky Gervais’ smackdown of Hollywood elitists at the Golden Globe Awards, Movieguide’s managing editor, Jessilyn Lancaster, asks whether a growing prayer and fast movement could make things better for the entertainment industry.

Perhaps an even more intriguing proposition (to some people) is a statement made by one of the leaders from the Roaring Twenties Fast, which started on Sunday (1/5/20).

“Jesus loves the entertainment industry. … Jesus was an entertainer in that He chose stories called parables to relate with His audience,” Jon Groves told Movieguide (READ MORE BELOW).

Kudos to Lancaster and Movieguide for taking a timely angle on the story of an important movement led by friends at Think Eternity.

Could This Worldwide Fast Change Hollywood?

The Roaring Twenties Fast to see God move throughout this decade is rapidly going viral, even in Hollywood.


“Jesus loves the entertainment industry,” says Jon Groves, an evangelist and Director of Digital Missions with Think Eternity. Think Eternity is an evangelistic organization that founded the fast.

“To entertain is to provide enjoyment while drawing people’s attention to a message,” Groves continued. “Jesus was an entertainer in that He chose stories called parables to relate with His audience. This Jesus, who is God, created emotions signaled by laughter or sometimes tears. He created people of all skin colors and personalities. He created deserts, beaches, mountains, and planes. All this to say, God loves diversity. He created diversity. So, should you be a creator of some sort in the entertainment industry in need of a muse, who better to turn to for creativity than the Creator himself?”

The Roaring Twenties Fast is specifically targeted to 1 million young people, asking them to cry out for a move of God in the 2020s.

This message captured the hearts of actors like Madeline Carroll (I CAN ONLY IMAGINE), TC Stallings (WAR ROOM), Masey McLain (I’M NOT ASHAMED), and Remi Adeleke (TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT), who are all connected to the fast…


“I believe the question is how can we NOT fast, pray and seek the Lord for direction as we enter into 2020? We are entering a new decade and if we follow the example of Christ going into the wilderness, we too must do the same. Let’s unit together to be world changers the way God calls us too by seeking Him and believing through fasting and prayer we can shape the next decade.” – Shari Rigby, OCTOBER BABY, OVERCOMER and THE GRAHAM STAINES STORY: THE LEAST OF THESE

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Sunset ~ 2019 marks my 10 year anniversary in Hollywood! ⭐️ I arrived with my family in 2009 ready to take on the world 🌎 Believing the Lord had called me here to be a movie star 🎥⭐️ Well, He fulfilled that dream but the fact is that He called me here to walk alongside women 👸 and to grow in relationship with people I could have never imagine that I would get to call friend. Our God can do anything and my life is proof that He uses ordinary people with messy looking pasts. We just have to be willing to say YES to His will/plan before ours and when we do, He gives us more than we could have ever imagined. The thing is ~ the riches He has given to me while being in Hollywood are 1) Him First ~ a deep rich relationship where I must lean on Him daily and trust His faithfulness to keep walking this walk ~ NOT MAN 2) Others Second ~ Deep rooted friendships that continue to strengthen and encourage me. 3) Me Third ~ He has reminded me of who I am, a daughter 👑 of the most high who has purpose, talents and gifts 🎁 that He has given me to be strong and courageous. 🥂 Cheers to whatever He has next!! Stay tuned for 2020 announcements. • • • #Actress #TheWomenInMyWorld #WomenEmpoweringWomen #Filmmakers #TellingStoriesThatMatter #Inspirational #ShariRigby #Director #hollywood #courage #fighter #considerthelilies #beautifullyflawedthebook #10yearchallenge #dream #testimony

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