Mark Levin Exposes Evil, Challenges Patriots in ‘American Marxism’

Mark Levin Exposes Evil, Challenges Patriots in ‘American Marxism’

As I read nationally syndicated talk-radio host Mark Levin’s American Marxism I couldn’t help but ask, “Where is God in all of this?”


Where is God while Marxism and offshoot groups labeled “progressives,” “Democratic Socialists,” “social activists,” “community activists,” and so on continue to attack those who believe in Jesus Christ? Where is God when they scoff at biblically based principles?

Perhaps the book doesn’t really answer the question about God, but it does answer:

How deep is Marxism inside America right now?

Not putting aside God, but answering the Marxism question is important. Understanding, or at least acknowledging the depth of evil found in our country is critical.

Enlightenment can be found by reading American Marxism Chapter One: It’s Here.

“American Marxism has made great progress toward instituting its goals over the last several years. If it is to be defeated, as it must—albeit a daunting and complex mission—its existence must first be acknowledged and labeled for what it is, the urgency of the moment must be realized, and the emergence of a unified, patriotic front of a previously docile, divergent, and/or disputatious societal, cultural, and political factions and forces, which have in common their belief that America is worth defending, must immediately galvanize around and rally to the cause.

We must rise to the challenge, as did our Founding Fathers, when they confronted the most powerful force on earth, the British Empire, and defeated it. Admittedly, in numerous ways today’s threat is more byzantine, as it now inhabits most of our institutions and menaces from within, making engagement difficult and complicated. Nonetheless, I fervently believe America as we know it will be forever lost if we do not prevail.” — Mark Levine, American Marxism, Chapter One

Levine calls the situation today “dire.”

America’s Media Watchdog MRCTV Talks About American Marxism with Mark Levin

While Marxists and offshoot groups in America try and avoid offending opposition by “cloaking themselves in phrases” like those mentioned above, they operate under a “myriad of newly minted organizational or identifying nomenclatures.” Levine identifies those groups as Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa, The Squad, etc.

“They claim to promote ‘economic justice,’ ‘environmental justice,’ ‘racial equity,’ ‘gender equity,’ etc.,” Levine states. They have invented new theories like Critical Race Theory. Phrases and terminologies are “linked to or fit into a Marxist construct” but all of it is to “tear down and tear apart the nation for a thousand reasons and in a thousand ways, thereby dispiriting and demoralizing the public…”

Getting back to: Where is God in all of this? I know that my hope is in Jesus and although I may root for politicians who stand for Christians and Christian principles, I know that true victory is found in God.

After a recent chat with friends about the daunting state of affairs in America today and the current barren administration, I was reminded by my pastor, Joe Pedick (Calvary Chapel of the Harbour), that as Christians, we should have a different outlook.

He said, “Good thing we belong to another Kingdom ruled by Jesus who will one day also rule on earth.”

I say, Amen.


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