In the Midst of Insanity, Many Asked: ‘Where is God When it Comes to Israel?’

In the Midst of Insanity, Many Asked: ‘Where is God When it Comes to Israel?’

Upon hearing of the horrific attack by terrorists on Israel that took place on October 7, 2023, people worldwide went immediately to prayer and searched for reason in the midst of the insanity. Believers or not, many asked, “Where is God when it comes to Israel?”


Many still do ask.

Two months later, confusion and mixed reactions to the ongoing war continue to run rampant. There seems to be little relief from the lies and the propaganda.

“What is happening isn’t just a conflict between countries. It’s a spiritual conflict pitting good against evil,” Pastor Joe Pedick, who is the lead pastor for Calvary Chapel of the Harbour in Huntington Beach, California, told Think Eternity Monday (Dec. 4). It’s a spiritual battle that’s been waged since the beginning of mankind and it’s described in the Bible. “God still watches over Israel. God’s not through with the nation of Israel. You can’t stop God’s plan.”

At a “Stand with Israel” rally held close to the Huntington Beach Pier on Sunday (Dec. 3.), Pastor Joe was one of the guest speakers. Several hundred supporters of Israel gathered for the event organized by the Orange County chapter of the Israeli-American Council (IAC).

Pastor Joe said it was heart wrenching to know that someone he loves, the people of Israel, were desperately hurting. After receiving the terrible news coming out of Israel, he quickly prayed to better understand God’s plan.

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Feature photo by John Fredricks

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