Billy Hallowell: President Trump, Christianity Today, and ‘Christians Like Me’

Billy Hallowell: President Trump, Christianity Today, and ‘Christians Like Me’

Billy Hallowell is an expert journalist who loves God and the news business. His expertise is called upon often by major media platforms to discuss his viewpoints on many subjects. The Christian worldview is both a curiosity and a guide (when given in relation to the gospel). We need more Billy Hallowells!

He shares his feelings honestly about his view on what the Christianity Today opinion piece on President Trump and impeachment by its editor means to him and perhaps other ‘Christians Like Me’ below.

Billy Hallowell: Christianity Today attacks Trump – Should evangelicals like me support or oppose him?


The editorial published this week in Christianity Today calling for President Trump to be removed from office highlights the difficult choice facing evangelical Christians like me in determining who to support in the November presidential election.

. . .

Do we support a painfully brash and unpredictable president who violates our morals but defends some of our values?

Or do we support the presidential candidate nominated by the Democratic Party, which has expressed open disdain for our sincerely held views?

It’s a complicated scenario, confronting us with two imperfect choices. And since the Democrats are a long way from selecting their nominee, it strikes me as an impossible choice to make until we know who President Trump will be running against and can examine that person’s record and values closely.

. . .

In the meantime, I think supporting Trump while simultaneously speaking out against his sometimes disturbing rhetoric is healthy. So is finding areas of praise for the president when you aren’t a fan. Our nation, after all, is called the United States – not the Divided States.

The evangelical divide is a microcosm of our broader cultural decay. Party politics are dominating our hearts and minds. Nearly everyone is feeling intense pressure to buckle toward one side of the aisle or the other. Evangelicals are no exception.

As a lifelong conservative evangelical who is also a millennial journalist and author, I feel the weight of this paradigm in a particularly pointed way.

. . .


PHOTO: Facebook/Billy Hallowell

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