Behind The Scenes: Siloé Ministries Project [VIDEO]

Behind The Scenes: Siloé Ministries Project [VIDEO]

Love Story Foundation released its latest video, Siloé Ministries – Behind The Scenes, on Monday (3/9/20) as its video-production organization began operating as a full-time ministry earlier this year.

“Through the leadership of Love Story’s Alexander Mora and the grace of God, our film team was able to experience God moving not only among the amazing people serving the community at Siloé, and not only among the beautiful people of La Mision being cared for, but ourselves as well,” LSF Siloé Project crew member, Alex Murashko, said.

“Mora’s vision of film shoots becoming most importantly about our relationship with Jesus Christ — “the greatest love story ever told” — and loving others, became reality during this trip,” said Murashko, who is the founder of Media on Mission.

Love Story states about the video missions trip:

Love Story Foundation was down to La Mision, Baja California serving Siloé Ministries as it’s the first project since becoming a full-time ministry in 2020. Here is a behind the scenes look at the Love Story team interacting with the Siloé Ministries facility and its team. What an amazing and fun time we had serving our Siloé family. Stay tuned for the full Siloé story coming soon.

For more information on Siloé Ministries:



People often ask “What is Love Story Foundation?” Here is the view from the heart of the founder Alexander Mora on the vision for how the Love Story Foundation is meant to inspire us all to serve and love others.

“We are all called to serve and love others, we just need to step out in faith, when we do that God will do the miracle” – Alexander Mora

What is Love Story Doing For These Ministries?

We are helping these ministries get the word out on how God is using them by producing state-of-the-art compelling visual communications through video, photography, and design. We then hand over all the assets/production so the ministry can use it however it sees fit to garner more support for their ministries from current supporters or new ones. What does this cost the ministry? Nothing. It is absolutely free and only possible through your support of the Love Story Foundation. Your support helps us tell the beautiful story of what these ministries are doing. To give them the valuable visual communication resources they need to get the word out so they can reach more people for Christ. There are mini-stories of God’s love that we get to capture and use to encourage the body of Christ and those searching for true love and freedom.

For the full story and how we assist these ministries in getting the word out on the work they are doing please visit:

Instagram: @lovestoryfoundation
Facebook: @lovestoryfoundation

Everything Love Story Foundation does is supported by your prayers, your time and your gifts. Pray about how you might get involved and join us in telling the Greatest Love Story of All. Jesus.


Siloé Ministries | Behind The Scenes

PHOTO: Love Story Foundation

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