New Wave of Evangelism in Digital Age Celebrated

New Wave of Evangelism in Digital Age Celebrated

The beginning of a new wave of evangelism and training in the digital age was celebrated during a summit hosted by the Think Eternity team and attended by leaders who came away from the meeting refreshed in their journey to follow the Great Commission.

Below is a commentary on the DBG (Digital Billy Grahams) Summit by evangelist and global youth ministry leader, Jon Groves. The summit co-host, Groves, has been integrating “digital evangelism” since shortly after the advent of social media.

– Editor’s Note

Twenty-Twenty Two’s summit marked the beginning of a new wave in evangelism and training. Never in history have we had greater access to greater numbers.


The fact that I can preach to more people from the pulpit of my cell phone in an instant than my heroes preached to across their entire ministries is profound, humbling, and astonishingly heavy.

We have a great responsibility that accompanies this great opportunity, and may we not let it go to waste.

The team at Think Eternity has been on the forefront of digital missions and digital evangelism since Day 1, but our desire has never been to be the only ones.

For the last several years we’ve been raising up “Digital Billy Grahams” to take Christ to culture in the same spirit of our generation’s greatest evangelist. The equipping summit was the icing on the proverbial cake of individualized recruiting, discipleship and training that has been taking place these last several years. And it’s only just begun!

Practical evangelism. That was the heartbeat of 2022’s DBG Summit and Lord willing, every summit yet to come. We were equipped, challenged, and encouraged in our unique journeys of evangelism expressed with relevant teachings, training and sermons.

With so many opportunities in front of us in this digital age accompanied by the deafening noise, unceasing busyness, and confusion, the summit allowed us the opportunity to stop, refresh and renew our energy, strategy and methodology in the Great Commission to which we’ve been called.

The above commentary was originally published at Think Eternity.

Think Eternity ministry associate Jon Groves keeps a close eye on generational trends, including the different ways that Generation Z (aka Gen Z) does church or defines faith in Jesus.

Find out more about Jon here: bio

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