‘Freedom Revival’ in San Diego: Speakers Point to Faith in God Over Fear

‘Freedom Revival’ in San Diego: Speakers Point to Faith in God Over Fear

Editor’s Note: Freedom Revival San Diego had a tremendous message and presence of faith over fear. Although some may say that having more than 1,000 people in attendance was not that noteworthy, the event’s impact went far beyond the number of people attending. There was a presence of His protection as well. There were no counter-protests to be seen. All of the speakers included the gospel message of Jesus Christ. The Freedom Revival event was organized in 5 weeks, including three holidays.

More than 1,000 people marched at the “Freedom Revival” over the weekend in San Diego, California.


The event was held to promote “courage and faith over fear” and seek “spiritual awakening,” according to organizers.

With worship, preaching, and speaking at the rally they stood up for freedom against vaccine and mask mandates days before President Biden’s mandates for private businesses and healthcare workers were set to go into effect as the nation awaits two Supreme Court rulings.

“We met so many individuals days away from termination of their jobs due to the illegal mandates. Yet they came and gave their time, donated their services and walked away full of hope,” the group shared on Facebook. “We are eager to hear the many stories of what our amazing God did in the hearts of those who trust him.”

Joanne Michelson told KUSI that many people are “worried about losing their job or worried about their child getting a shot to go to school.”

Jim Michekslon added: “Everyone’s waking up. This has gone too far and we want to change course.”


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The above article was originally published on Todd Starnes’ website and published with permission at Media on Mission.

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